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Public International Law – II


This course is the continuation of the International Law-I. Its purpose is to give an understanding to the students regarding the legal framework for mutual interaction of the states, both in times of peace and war. It also covers the legal issues of individuals such as nationality, asylum, extradition etc.


1. Individuals in International Law: Nationality, Conflict of Nationality Laws, Acquisition and loss of nationality.

2. International Humanitarian Law.

3. Extradition: Conditions and states’ practices, offences exempted from extradition.

4. Asylum, territorial and extra-territorial asylum, humanitarian aspect of asylum in international law.

5. Agents of International Transaction: Diplomatic Envoys, Counsels, Rights, Privileges and Immunities of Diplomatic Envoys and Counsels.

6. Law of Treaties: Kinds and Nomenclatures of Treaties, Formation of Treaties, Invalidation and Termination of Treaties.

7. International Disputes: Peaceful and Coercive Means of Settlement of International Disputes.

8. Laws of War and Armed Conflicts; Difference between Combatants

and Non-Combatants, Lawful and Unlawful Combatants; Rights of Prisoners of War; War and Human Rights.

9. Islamic Concept of Law of War, and rights and duties of belligerent parties.

10. Concept of Neutrality and Quasi-Neutrality; Difference between Neutral and Neutralized States; Rights and Duties of Neutral and belligerent States.

11. International Law and the present day challenges.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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