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Greek and Classical Literature

Code: 301
Title: Greek and Classical Literature
Rating: 3 Credit hours
Type: Compulsory
Students must have the understanding and knowledge of the classification of English literature in different genres. They are expected to have skills to express ideas cogently in witting and a verbally correct usage of the English language.
The course introduces students to the Greek age, culture, religion, and helps familiarize themselves with the basics of Greek dramaturgy. The course by covering playwrights such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides inculcate in students the rudiments of Greek theatrical art.
To familiarize students with the origin of Greek drama and tragedy in particular.
To acquaint students with the thematic concerns of Greek playwrights and to help them locate the plays in their cultural, social, and religious contests.
Agamemnon By Aeschylus
Oedipus Rex by Sophocles
The Bacchae by
Upon completion students will be able to use basic terms referring to Greek literature and mythology. They will be able to trace the evolution and thematic development between the three playwrights. They will have a sound knowledge of the tradition of tragedy that is pertinent to the understanding of later works.
Credit hours/ Marks:- 03

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