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Research Methodology

Code:         410
Title:          Research Methodology
Rating:      3 Credit hours
The students are expected to be proficient in spoken and written English. Correct usage of language is mandatory.
Research is an ongoing learning process. It is important for students of literature to be trained into qualitative research methods. They shall follow the MLA citation manual and base their learning on maximum literary and theoretical reading of the primary and secondary texts, classroom discussions and debates based on these readings, development of higher order critical thinking skills based on philosophical and other cross-disciplinary knowledge, presentations on the given topics, writing of sample papers for the courses, and above all following the parameters of publication or refereed and universally acknowledged literary journals and magazines.
The goal of Research Methodology is to learn how research is conducted, and to put that knowledge into practice. This course aims to equip the candidates with the understanding of how to conduct research and then write their research papers for publication purposes. It will develop the techniques of writing research or proposals, devise thesis statement and contention, phrase a considerable topic for their research project (thesis or dissertation), prepare bibliography and annotated bibliographies, write book reviews from critical and analytical perspective, get into the process of writing first or later drafts, edit their research as per requirement. The module aims to sharpen their critical thinking and study skills for literary research in order to follow the prescribed style sheet, which in the case of literary writings is the MLA style sheet.
Candidates are expected to learn manual and technological or computational skills and be able to use the electronic sources effectively. Advanced course in Research Methodology intends to enable students to conduct their own research, familiarize them with techniques and methods of selecting topics, developing questions, collecting, and analyzing data.
Documentation Styles
Plagiarism and its Protocol
Research Paper Writing Techniques
Research Paper Writing Methodology
By the end of the course participants will:
have an understanding of different methodological approaches to qualitative research;
be able to search effectively for online resources using sensitive or specific search filters;
be able to discuss some of the ethical issues associated with conducting qualitative research;
be able to critically analyze research methodologies identified in existing literature;
to propose and distinguish appropriate research designs and methodologies to apply to a; specific research project; and
develop a comprehensive research methodology for a research question.
Credit hours/ Marks:- 03

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