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20th Century Poetry

Code:         406
Title:          20th Century Poetry
Rating:      3 Credit hours
One Semester of MA I & II
This course examines readings of the major twentieth Century poets (Ted Hughes, Larkin, and Heaney).
The objective of the course is to introduce the salient elements of Modernism as a philosophical and aesthetic movement. Correspondingly, the course will also identify the discursiveness of themes and styles in the works of these selected 20th century poets.
Philip Larkin: Mr. Bleaney, Church Going,
Ambulances, MCMXIV 1914
Seamus Heaney:  Personal Helicon, The Tollund Man, A
Constable Calls, Toome Road, Casting and Gathering
Ted Hughes: The Thought-Fox, Chances, That Morning,
Full Moon and Little Frieda
Through close reading of the poems the students will explain their understanding of Modernism and modernist literary aesthetics.
Credit hours/ Marks:- 03

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