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M.Phil English

The Department initiated an M.Phil Programme in January 1993. This two year programme aims at a comprehensive survey of English, American, Continental and Post-Colonial Literatures in English and is divided into three teaching semesters and a research dissertation. The students who show promise in the M.Phil. courses and research work are provided the opportunity to work on their Ph.D. The basic consideration in launching the M.Phil. Programme was to train competent teachers for the teaching of literature in English. A survey in the colleges of the Punjab has revealed an acute shortage of competent teachers for M.A. English courses. The subject is popular and the demand for the opening of M.A. English classes in colleges of the Punjab is more than that of any other subject. It is in acknowledgement of the need for competent teachers that the department offers the M.Phil Programme. Further details of this programme are published in a separate prospectus.

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