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M.Sc. Business Statistics and Management (Self-Supporting)

The Master of Business Statistics and Management (MBSM) is a master's degree in Business Statistics and Management which attracts people from wide range of academic disciplines. Multinational companies and especially banks & financial institutions need scientific approaches to Management. MBSM degree program is developed to meet the educational needs of future managers and executives working in these organizations. Managers alone have the power to establish systems, and systems largely determine the quality of outputs. Manufacturing and service companies must improve their operation, productivity, and quality in order to compete in today's world economy by inducting qualified managers having both statistical and managerial course studies. The objective of the Business Statistics and Management program is to prepare students to assume various line and/or staff positions in the management / production / service operation of business organizations. Students interested in pursuing graduate studies in the future will also find that MBSM major programs provide a strong background in quantitative analysis with the help of latest statistical computer packages i.e. SAS/SPSS/STRATA/SQA/EXCEL etc.

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