Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Mr. Ashok Kamar Khatri

Assistant Professor (Sindhi)
Mr. Ashok Kamar Khatri
Mr. Ashok Kumar has made valuable contributions in a variety of fields of Humanities and Social Sciences. Mr. Ashok Kumar has been awarded with Dada Mangha Ram Gold Medal by the University of Karachi and worked as Sindhi Linguist (FAST) (NU) On Sindhi Digital Dictionary Project Under (CRULP) in collaboration with University of Illinois Urbana. Champaign, USA.
Mr. Ashok kumar is the author of three Teachers’ Guides of Sawli Sindhi (6,7,8) Oxford University Press and the Author of Religious education books, Hinduism (1 to 12) National Curriculum Council. Mr. Ashok Kumar Participated in the South Asian Language Instructor Training Certificate Program, By South Asian Summer Language Institute at UW-Madison.
Attended Human Rights conference in March 2020 at United Kingdom.
Mr. Ashok Kumar is currently working with National Curriculum Council (NCC) as an expert.

Area of Specialization (Sindhi Language and Literature)
• Culture
• Literature
• Sindhi Language
• Poetry: Sindhi, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi
Designation:- Assistant Professor (Sindhi)