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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Khalil-ur-Rehman

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Khalil-ur-Rehman

Muhammad Khalil-ur-Rehman joined Punjab University College of Pharmacy as B.Pharmacy student in 1999. After graduating from University of the Punjab he started his professional career as the practicing Pharmacist and served community and hospital but inspiration for teaching and research urged him to join post-graduate degree. After getting the postgraduation degree in Pharmacognosy from University of the Punjab, Lahore, he joined the teaching profession to satisfy his teaching and research passion. Since teaching and research, both demand more learning so he is on the way to learn more and going Austria for PhD studies.
His areas of research interest include standardization of natural products, screening, isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active constituents, stability studies, Pharmacokinetics and biological activity-guided isolation and formulation of standard natural drugs, Drug delivery, Pharmaceutical dosage form development, Pharmacy practice, Clinical Pharmacy, and Pharmacotherapies.

Designation:- Assistant Professor