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University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Sabar

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Farooq Sabar
Dr. Muhammad Farooq Sabar joined Centre for Applied Molecular Biology as Assistant Research Officer in 1996 after his M.Sc in Chemistry from University of the Punjab, Pakistan. Initially he was engaged in the assignment of chemical synthesis of DNA Oligos and Primers and then in 1999 was assigned the task to establish the first DNA Sequencing and genotyping lab in Pakistan which he successfully completed and since then has been margining the lab (currently named as DNA Core Facility) superbly. Having consummate expertise in DNA Synthesis and Sequencing in Pakistan. DNA Core Facility under his supervision is providing the services to researchers in molecular biology and biotechnology in an excellent manner. In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Ph. D he was assigned a thesis research project titled “Studies on the Physiological Effects of Different Forms of Therapeutic Alpha Interferon” which Dr. Farooq carried out in the most proficient & professional manner. Later he completed his Post-Doctoral training in King Faiysal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Al-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in Children’s Cancer Genomics Studies.
Currently, as a research group leader, he is leading “Genomics of Human Diseases & Population Genetics” and has been involved in research projects like Hereditary Hearing and Vision loss, Asthma Genetics, DNA Forensics, Cancer Genetics etc. High quality publications in international journals of repute is the evidence of his brilliant research output.
As an academician he is a good teacher, mentor and counselor and is involved in teaching different courses at post graduate level in the field of Molecular Biology and Forensic sciences. He has produced 03 PhDs and 21 MPhils in his field and other 6 PhDs and 4 MPhils are near to complete their theses under his supervision. He has published more than 50 high quality research publications in internationally reputed journals with an accumulative impact factor of more than 300.
Other than Academics and research he has also served or is serving as member of many departmental committees like Purchase evaluation Committee, Students Scholarship Committee, Departmental Doctoral Program Committee, Board of Studies, PhD and MPhil admission committee, PhD and MPhil admission test committee, Disciplinary and Students Advisory Committee, PhD and MPhil Curriculum Committee, Coordinator PhD Program and Coordinator MPhil Program.
As Incharge of the DNA Core Facility his group has contributed a revenue of more than Rs. 100.00M for the department through the commercial services activities provided by the facility. Currently his field of research interest is Asthma and Pulmonary Diseases, Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) and Congenital Heart Diseases (CHD).
Designation:- Professor