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University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Humara Bano

Director / Professor
Prof. Dr. Humara Bano

Prof. Dr. Humara Bano has completed her Master in Special Education and Ph.D. in Special Education from Department of Special Education before its transformation into Institute of Special Education, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She has been serving the present institute since last 23 years. She has the distinction to be selected as first lecture, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and finally as Professor reflecting her high academic commitment, dedication  and passion to serve the field of special education.  Her leadership abilities have been acknowledged being appointed as first female Chairperson of the same department/institute in 2020. Her persistent efforts being a manager from March 14, 2008 to present made it possible to transform the department in to First Institute of Special Education of Pakistan in Jan. 2021 and currently she is working as Director of this prestigious institute. Being a researcher she had presented various research studies on diversified issues of children/students with different abilities at U.S.A., U.K, Dubai, Australia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Italy. Her international participation gave her the opportunity to represent British Council in DUBAI to present a national study from Pakistan Chapter in 2016. She had also been awarded with a certificate and Gold Medal against her rendered services for Inclusive Education by Adarah- e-Taleem-o –Agahi in 2016. She has trained more than 1000 master trainers in inclusive education from the platform of QUAIED. She had an opportunity to participate as research assistant in various projects of UNESCO and UNICEF held in 2003, 2005 and in 2011 accordingly. Her services as curriculum expert to develop Standard National Curriculum has also been acknowledged by getting the nomination as member by National Curriculum Council, Islamabad Pakistan. The approval of new revised scheme of studies by all relevant official bodies for PhD, Mphil, B.S. in Special Education, Short courses in Sign language and Braille Proficiency, Postgraduate two Diplomas in Speech and language Therapy & Autism are also on her credit for the institute. She has got published more than 29 research articles published in journals of National and International repute. She has presented more than 50 research papers in various national and international conferences held in Pakistan. She has arranged International and National conferences as Secretary and Chair on the latest trends of special education. She had more than 600 Master, 19 M.Phil and 04 Ph.D. theses on her academic credits as supervisor. One school for children with special needs is also running under her supervision named as Child Welfare Center. She had also reviewed a module of inclusive education for Sight Savor International (I.N.G.O.).  She has attended and arranged many seminars /courses on Special Education, Speech Pathology, Audiology/Audiometry, Inclusive Education, Child Friendly Inclusive Education, Assessment of Special Needs, Curriculum adaptations, Vocational Rehabilitation of Special Needs, Low Vision assessment, Visual Impairment, Physical Impairment, Reading and writing development etc. She is member of many official bodies in the respective university such as Board of Faculty in Education, Convener DDPC of ISE, Board of Studies in Special Education, Disciplinary Committee, P.U., Un-fair Means Committee P.U. She is also paying her services outside the university as member selection board, board of studies and as educational advisor for the province of K.P.K. for the educational training of teachers and students with special needs. Her main areas of interest are, “Research and Report Writing”, “Assessment and Evaluation”, “Curriculum Adaptation”, “Inclusive Education”, “Education of Sensory Impairment”, “Education of Physical Impairment”, Education of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities”, Education of Autism”  and “ Application of Technology for Children with Special Needs”.
Her future plans are to establish new departments in the meet the future needs of the field along with book publications for the teachers and parents of children/students with special needs on various perspectives for their smooth inclusion in society.
Designation:- Director / Professor


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