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University of the Punjab

Dr. Asima Tayyab

Assistant Professor
Dr. Asima Tayyab

Interested in regenerative medicine, our research focuses on the usage of mesenchymal stem cells derived from various sources and their reprogramming towards several lineages. We primarily attempt to refine hepatic and renal differentiation protocols and their application for stem cell-based therapies. Furthermore, we try to understand the molecular mechanisms involved in liver and kidney morphogenesis and their implementation in regenerative medicine. A variety of experimental techniques, ranging from in vitro cell culture, real time PCR, immunohistochemistry, biological assays to in vivo studies using modal organisms are currently operative in our laboratory. Future aim of our research is to translate the current knowledge and bring it to the cutting edge of tissue engineering.
Research Interests:
Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative Medicine with Stem Cells Therapies, Skin Burn Wound Healing, Fibrosis-Mechanism and Repair of Kidney, Liver and Skin

Designation:- Assistant Professor