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University of the Punjab

Dr. Azra Mahmood

Associate Professor
Dr. Azra Mahmood

I’m working on stem cells and regenerative medicine. I worked on cochlea derived stem cells as potential candidates for the repair of hearing loss during my MPhil research (2004-06) at CEMB. Then exploited potential of bone marrow derived endothelial progenitor cells for the treatment of diabetes induced cardiomyopathy in rats and partly worked in University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA as well for my PhD research (was awarded PhD in 2011). After I came back, I trained my colleagues in advanced stem cells techniques that I learnt in the US lab and worked for strengthening and progress of Stem cells research at CEMB. Later on I assessed efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of osteoarthritis in rats. Currently I’m working on an important area of skin burn repair and am investigating potential stem cell based therapeutic strategies in this regard. I have got support from HEC grants in this regard. I have received ‘University performance evaluation awards’ for the years 2013 and 2015. I have supervised numerous MPhil students and three of my students have been awarded PhD degree as well.
I’m passionate to take my laboratory research into clinic to address the sufferings of burn patients in Pakistan by providing them stem cells based therapeutic products.

Designation:- Associate Professor