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University of the Punjab

Mr. Muhammad Islam Khan

Research officer cum Lecturer
Mr. Muhammad Islam Khan

I started myprofessional carrier in 2005 after the completion of M.Sc degree inBiotechnology from University of Karachi. First, in the year of 2005 I joined multinational Food Company AB Mauri Pakistan Pvt.Ltd as a Food technologist and then in 2007 I joined the Quality control laboratory of ShafiGluco chem. Pvt. Ltd leading rice syrup and rice protein manufacturer. After that in the year of 2008 I started my research carrier as a Research officer in Biopharmaceutical Research and development (R&D) laboratory of National Centre of Excellence in molecular biology (CEMB) University of the Punjab. As a Research officer I worked on projects related to cloning and expression of human recombinant therapeutics including various human cytokines and growth factors. The tittle of my thesis was “Cloning and Expression studies of Human Insulin like Growth Factor IGF-1”gene in Pichia pastoris.
I have cloned human interferon-2b gene in Pichia pastoris .Expression conditions were optimized for large scale production of human recombinant interferon, Insulin and Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF).Quality control testswere optimized according to European pharmacopeias. My research work is published in reputed international and HEC approved journals.

Designation:- Research officer cum Lecturer