Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Dr. Abida Shehzadi

Assistant Professor
Dr. Abida Shehzadi
My professional carrier was started when I joined the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) in Bioinformatics lab. I did my MPHIL degree from GCU Lahore in Zoology with the final research project as Immunoinformatics. I did my PhD degree in Molecular Biology from CEMB in Forensic DNA Typing Research Lab. I developed a new PCR multiplex assay for simultaneous detection of autosomal, Y / RM-Y and X-chromosomal STR markers. The developed PCR multiplex assay and its validation studies revealed it a sensitive, robust and highly informative tool for forensic and paternity testing. I always remained active in teaching and research activities at CEMB. I have also participated in national as well as international conferences. My research areas include protein modeling, phylogenetic analysis and immune-informatics, epitopes prediction as well as Forensic testing and paternity analysis.
Designation:- Assistant Professor