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University of the Punjab

Dr. Maria Tayyab Baig

Assistant Professor
Dr. Maria Tayyab Baig
I started my professional life when I joined the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) in 2008 after completing my BSc Hons. from department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, University of Punjab in 2007. Since then, I had been working as a research officer in stem cell and regenerative medicine lab till November 2023. I established the lab protocol for isolation of stem cells from adipose tissue. My main field of research has been alleviation of liver fibrosis through stem cell therapy. I was enrolled in MPhil Molecular Biology program in 2013 at CEMB, graduated in 2015 and qualified for a gold medal securing 4.0 CGPA. In October 2015 I was enrolled in PhD Molecular Biology program at CEMB and completed my Ph.D. in 2022. I am currently working as an Assistant Professor in stem cell and regenerative medicine lab at CEMB. I am also part of the management and maintenance team of the international quarterly journal “Advancements in Life Sciences”.
Designation:- Assistant Professor