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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz Akram

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz Akram
Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz Akram is Assistant Professor at the Center for Coal Technology since 2019. He earned his Ph.D. in chemical engineering after studying kinetic modelling, reactor design and simulation of LOHC-MTH system, from University of the Punjab.
Earlier, he obtained his bachelor degree in chemical engineering from University of the Punjab in 2006. Thereafter, he started his academic career in 2007 as Research Scholar at the Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology and later became Lecturer after the completion of his graduate studies in chemical engineering. He also served other varsities including University of Gujrat in 2014 and COMSATS University Islamabad in 2015.
Dr. Muhammad Sarfraz Akram has working experience of ICheme and WA based OBE implementation in undergraduate program of chemical engineering. He is currently involved in teaching various courses and research supervision of graduate and postgraduate programs. He is interested in research related to heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering for sustainable energy and cleaner environment. He is member of PEC and PIChE.
Designation:- Assistant Professor