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Prof. Dr. Najam ul Sehar Afshan

Prof. Dr. Najam ul Sehar Afshan
Dr. Najam ul Sehar Afshan is working as Professor in Institute of Botany, University of the Punjab, Lahore. She joined this university as lecturer in 2009. She completed her M.Sc. in 2004 from Punjab University Lahore and was awarded with a PhD degree in 2009 with specialization in Mycology. She is HEC Scholarship holder for Ph.D., under Indigenous Scholarship Programme 2005. She teaches Plant diversity, Plant Systematics, Anatomy & development, Lower Fungi, Higher Fungi and Fungal plant pathology at BS, M.Sc., MS/M.Phil and Ph.D level. She is working as BS Coordinator and Incharge of various committees in the Institute. She has published more than 70 research papers in reputed Impact Factor/HEC recognized/foreign journals and ranked at 2nd position in University of the Punjab among young productive scientists in Biological Sciences by Pakistan Council for Science and Technology. She won a research project funded by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan under NRPU and has completed 09 research projects funded by University of the Punjab. She has supervised many research students at BS, M.Sc. and MS/M.Phil level. Two Ph.D students have already completed their Ph.D. under her supervision. She described/published 22 taxa of fungi new to science and participated/attended many international/national conferences/workshops and symposia. She is active member of different scientific societies like Mycological Society of America, Botanical Society of America, Botanical Society of Pakistan, Bangladesh Botanical Society etc. and also serving as reviewer of different international journals as well as external examiner of Ph.D., M.Phil/MS and BS theses at university level. She visited Turkey and America for paper presentations in Botanical/Mycological conferences. Her areas of interest/specialization are Systematics of fungi particularly rusts, smuts, powdery mildews and downy mildews. She is also working on taxonomy and geographic distribution of lichens and related taxa in Pakistan.
Designation:- Professor