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University of the Punjab

Miss. Iqra Aziz

Miss. Iqra Aziz
Engr. Iqra Aziz has been working as a Lecturer at Institute of Energy and Environmental Engineering (IEEE) since October 2019. She obtained her Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from University of the Punjab. Based on her performance, she was awarded three gold medals by the University.  Later, she completed her M.Phil in Coal Technology from University of the Punjab, Lahore and graduated as the topper of her session. She did her research work on kinetic studies and combustion characteristics of agricultural waste biomass. She is currently involved in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and has supervised various research projects.
Being a member of “Do-Something Club”, she has carried out various charity projects with volunteer students. She also serves as the girls’ sports in charge of the department.
Her research interests are;
Kinetic modeling and combustion characteristic studies of thermo chemically converted fuels.
Extraction of Value-Added Chemicals from Coal and biomass feedstock.
Coal Beneficiation
Designation:- Lecturer