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University of the Punjab

Engr. Dr. Kamal Shahid

Assistant Professor
Engr. Dr. Kamal Shahid
Biography: As an accomplished professional with a strong academic background and extensive experience in computer engineering and wireless communication networks, my current focus revolves around contributing significantly to the field of smart grids. With an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering (Communication) and a subsequent journey through academia, including a Ph.D. fellowship at Aalborg University, Denmark, my expertise lies in understanding the role of communication networks in smart grid scenarios.
Presently, I am serving as an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering (IEECE), University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. In this capacity, I hold various key roles, including Program Coordinator for M.Sc. (Engg.) Electrical Engineering, Member of the Departmental Doctoral Program Committee (DDPC), and active involvement in other crucial committees, such as the Departmental QEC committee, Event Organizing Committee, Admissions Committee, and the role of Spokesperson for IEEE, PU.
My research endeavors are focused on defining communication requirements and developing strategies to address the challenges posed by the substantial integration of renewable energy sources, particularly wind power and solar PV, into Power Grids. I am dedicated to creating innovative solutions for remote access to dynamic data in distribution networks. In the pursuit of establishing a cutting-edge lab for smart grid implementation and testing, I emphasize the implementation of the IEC-61850-based communication standard.
I aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of smart grid technologies, leveraging my expertise in communication networks and renewable energy integration. By developing communication strategies and implementing standards, I intend to facilitate the seamless integration of renewable energy sources into power grids, enhancing efficiency and reliability.
I collaborate with a diverse team of researchers, both nationally and internationally. My experience being part of Danish and European Union research projects related to Smart Grids during my Ph.D has allowed me to work with experts from various domains, fostering a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to addressing complex challenges in the field.
Designation:- Assistant Professor