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University of the Punjab

Prof. Dr. Kamran Abid

Prof. Dr. Kamran Abid

Mr. Kamran Abid obtained his Masters degree in computer science in 2000 and joined Institute of Leadership and Management, Lahore, Pakistan. Later he joined University of the Punjab in 2002 as Director IT, where he worked on automation and optical communication projects. He has been teaching graduate and post-graduate classes at University of the Punjab, Lahore. Thereon he got scholarship for PhD studies and finally obtained his PhD in Electronics & Electrical Engineering from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, in 2011. His research interests include semiconductor devices, fabrication technologies, organic semiconductor devices, radiation detectors, light emitting diodes, solar cells, information retrieval and computer programming.
Telecom Devices (Semiconductor Devices & Fabrication)
Computer Science (Database, Information Retrieval)

Designation:- Professor