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University of the Punjab

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Aslam

Assistant Professor
Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Aslam

Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Aslam obtained BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry and MS in Biochemistry form Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of the Punjab, Lahore. He joined the same Institute as Lecturer in March, 2008 and along with he is also doing PhD in Biochemistry. He has published 22 articles in journals of national/international repute and supervised 11 MS, 18 MSc and 20 BS students up till 2016. He has been working on different research projects in the field of Molecular Biology and Immunology. His current research interests/objectives include; production of recombinant therapeutics/fusion proteins for treatment of cancer and hepatitis, early diagnosis/prognosis of different diseases such as cancers, diabetes and cardiovascular disorder on the basis of quantification of molecular biomarkers such as cell free circulating DNA and extracellular vesicles, use of cell/tumor penetrating peptides for targeted cancer therapy, effect of food habits and other chemical/physical factors on expression of molecular and biochemical biomarkers of aging, anti-aging effect of sirtuins activation and NAD concentration, recombinant allergens for diagnosis and therapy of different types of allergic disorders, Anti-aging and wound healing effect of stem cell and role of skin tissue engineering in burn surgery by using natural scaffolds and stem cells conditioned media.

Designation:- Assistant Professor