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University of the Punjab

Dr. Shahzeb Khan

Associate Professor
Dr. Shahzeb Khan
Dr. Shahzeb Khan is an Associate Professor at the Institute of English Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. Apart from teaching courses on literature, criticism, and research, he has made contributions to the discourse on the decolonisation of literary studies and education in the country. Dr. Khan founded the Indigenizing Knowledge Forum, a faculty discussion forum at Punjab University, in July 2016, which has been instrumental in fostering thoughtful debates within the academic community. He has further facilitated academic discussions through the Critical Discourse Circle and the Punjab University Library BookClub, by organizing TEDx Punjab University events and academic conferences. Dr. Khan's extensive public scholarly engagements include his seminal articles highlighting the need for decolonisation in the country, written for Dawn and other newspapers in Pakistan, as well as numerous talks given at various venues within the country. He has also presented his research at the South Asian Literary Association's (SALA) and NeMLA’s conferences in Canada and the USA. Dr. Khan's research has been published in various journals pertaining to literary humanities and social sciences. His areas of special interest include decoloniality, the indigenization of knowledge, English literature as an instrument of ideology, and the institutionalization of literary study. Additionally, he has worked in the area of AI and the humanities, exploring the intersection of technology and literary studies.
Designation:- Associate Professor