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Department of Arabic

Arabic is the prophetic language that is also national language of twenty two Arabic countries and has been declared official language of many organizations of international fame including UNO. The primary literature of Muslim Ummah was developed in Arabic language, hence it is essential part of religious life and furthermore learning of Arabic language leads to an excellent career as multidimensional relations of Arab world exists with Pakistan. The department of Arabic is working ambitiously since 1870 when it started its journey under Umbrella University of the Punjab. The department is honoured that glaxy of scholars had served here for spreading Arabic knowledge and skills. The eminent scholars includes Allama Faizul Hasan Saharanpuri, Maulana Muhammad Abdullah tonaki, Dr. Molvi Muhammad Shafi, Dr. Barkat Ali Qureshi, Dr. Shaikh Inayat Ullah, Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Abdullah, Allama Abdul Aziz Memon. The list of distinguished is long that is no doubt an honour of the Department. The department was also graced by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal during 1899 to 1903 when he was engaged here as Macleod Arabic Reader.


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