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College of Earth & Environmental Sciences

      Environmental Sciences is a challenging and important field of science. Environmental degradation has occurred over time due to population explosion, over exploitation of resources, increasing land use, lack of environmental awareness, climatic shift etc. due to which it is nowadays a global issue of concern.
      The study of the abiotic and biotic components with respect to natural biodiversity and ecosystematic functioning reveals how the environment has been degraded over time due to anthropogenic and natural catastrophic influences. The degradation of land and water bodies has occurred due to excess use of fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metals. The uncontrolled industrial waste accumulation has caused contamination of soil, water bodies, their sediments and ground water causing direct impacts on human health and indirect impacts through the food chain. The industrial emissions have led to the suspension of hazardous particulate matter and atmospheric pollution. The study of environment leads to solving environmental problems through remediation technologies, generating environmental awareness among the masses, conservation of natural biodiversity and formulation of environmental policies.
      A number of programmes are being offered in the college including BS, M.Sc., MS/M.Phil and Ph.D. studies in Environmental Sciences, M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. in Applied Hydrology and M.Sc. in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

2nd International Conference on “Emerging Trends in Earth and Environmental Sciences (ETEES 2020)


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