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Institute of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

The Biological Sciences have progressed leaps and bounds and it is now strongly felt that if proper remedial measures are not taken to develop the Biological Sciences, the University may never be able to catch up with the rapid speed with which new developments are taking place in this field. There is a dire need to build up basic arsenal for venturing into collaborative teaching and research programme. There is no denying the fact that microbes are centre of biological sciences these days and most of the new technologies in fact are based on microbes or microbe based knowledge. Another very important component of modern biotechnology is the field of Genetics. In the wake of development in the areas of Genetic Engineering, Gene Therapy, Human Genome, it was long felt that a separate discipline of Molecular Genetics be established for a degree programme so as to provide basic training in the area with an objective (i) to produce specifically trained manpower and (ii) initiate teaching and research in Molecular Biology and Molecular Genetics leading to award of M.Sc., M.Phil, and Ph.D. Degrees.


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