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Department of History & Pakistan Studies

      The was established in 1932 with J.F. Bruce as its first Professor. It soon earned recognition owing to its high standard and expertise in a wide range of historical disciplines. The Department since then stands as one of the liveliest and the largest History Departments of all the Universities in Pakistan. It is a pioneer Department in South Asia for advanced studies and enjoys the status of being a premier and prestigious institution having fostered members of Faculty in other Universities.
      Initially local colleges cooperated with the department in organizing post graduate teaching. Some eminent scholars and professors contributed towards its advancement from time to time. Those who rendered invaluable services include Professor J.F. Bruce, Prof. Dr. A.L. Sirivastava, Prof. J.D. Ward, Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Quereshi, Prof. Dilawer Hussain, Prof. Sheikh Abdur Rashid, Prof. Dr. Abdul Hamid, Dr. Zafarul Islam, and Dr. Zawar Hussain Zaidi.
      The Research Journal of the History Department entitled Journal of the Punjab University Historical Society is one of the oldest journals of the university. It first appeared in 1932 and is currently being published biannually. It is a journal of international repute.

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