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Centre for Clinical Psychology

Centre for Clinical Psychology was established by Prof. Dr. Rafia Hassan (Chairperson, Department of Applied Psychology) in 1984 in response to the need felt by the then president of Pakistan for an institution for the training of Clinical Psychologists. Eminent professionals including Prof. Dr. Rafia Hassan (the founding Director), Prof. Dr. Najma Najam (Vice chancellor, KIU), Prof. Dr. Hamid sheikh (Late), Prof. Dr. Nosheen K. Rahman  and Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar (VC LCWU) and Prof. Dr. Farah Malik have been the Directors of the Centre for Clinical Psychology. Currently, Dr. Saima Dawood is the Director of Centre for Clinical Psychology. In the beginning, the Centre offered only Advanced Diploma in Clinical Psychology (ADCP) but from 2000, it has added other programs like BS-4 years, MS (Clinical and Speech and Language Pathology), MS Top Up, Ph.D (Clinical Psychology) and a self-supporting program of ADCP (Replica). In addition, community mental health projects, psychological assessment and treatment facilities for common public are also provided by the Centre. A successful training and educational program for children with special needs has been run by the CCP since 1999. Centre for Clinical Psychology is known for its outstanding training in Clinical Psychology. The students are given individualized attention and they are guided at every stage throughout their academic career. An intensive training is provided to the students in Psychological Assessment, Diagnosis and treatment employing various Modalities and Psychotherapeutic Interventions. The Centre has established linkages and collaborations with different hospitals and organizations in order to provide quality training to its students.
The CCP has produced ethically and professionally sound Clinical Psychologists who are serving in diverse settings across the globe.

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