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University of the Punjab

Shops and Kiosks

The University of Punjab has a number of Shops and Kiosks in the University premises where a variety of food, snacks and beverages are available at reasonable prices to the students and staff of the campus at subsidized rates.
Seasonal fruits are also available at the fruit shops at reasonable prices. Hence, an option is available to the students for the purchase of canteen, bakery and fruit items. A range of items are available at the book shop from pencil and rubber to text books. Moreover, photocopying facility is available for students at various locations.
The shops are rented at very nominal rates so that the prices of the merchandized can be kept at the minimum.
The Shop and Kiosk committee supervises the rules and regulation and price and rent control affairs of the Shops and Kiosk in the University. Whereas, day to day affairs and rent collection of these shops is looked after by the RO1 office under the Estate Officer.
In case of any complaint of overcharging from the given rate list, unhygienic food or items or any other general complaint, employees and students are encouraged to lodge their complaints at ro1@pu.edu.pk as well as through SMS at 03244753350
List of Shops along with the rate list as approved by the Shop and Kiosk Committee can be seen attached:-
Rate List of Shops
List of Category of Shops & Location

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