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Introduction to Political Science – I


The objective of this course is to introduce the students with the fundamentals of the subject of Political Science and prepare them for advanced studies in the forthcoming semesters. The very basic concepts and terminology commonly used in the further courses of studies are taught to make the students friendly with the subject.


1. Definition, Nature, Scope and Sub-fields of Political Science. Relationship of Political Science with other social sciences. Approaches to the study of Political Science: Traditional and Modern.

2. Basic concepts of Political Science: Power, Authority,

3. Legitimacy, Nation and Sovereignty.

4. State: its origin and evolution; Western and Islamic concepts of State, Forms of State: Unitary, Federation, Confederation. Organs of Government: Legislature, Executive, Judiciary.

5. Forms of Government: Parliamentary, Presidential, Authoritarian.

Sub-fields of Political Science include: Political Philosophy/Theory; Comparative Politics; International Relations; Public Administration/ Public Policy; Local Government, etc.

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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