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Political Systems (Developed)


The course is designed to give an understanding to the students about the functioning of the developed political systems and their structure. In this course efforts are made to cover the various aspects of Political Systems of UK and USA. The purpose of this course is to generate awareness among the students about the actual functioning of these political systems. This study will enable them to compare any other political system and find out the reasons of its malfunctioning and solution of various problems faced in it.

Course Contents:

Following aspects of the political systems of UK and USA shall be studied.

1. Historical background and development;

2. Constitutional/legal foundations of the system;

3. Political process and political recruitment;

a. Political parties and pressure groups

b. Functioning of the organs of the government: legislature, executive and judiciary

c. Political  environmental factors influencing the politics such as geographic, socio-economic, international  scenario, media etc.

4. Political culture

Credit hours/ Marks:- 04 Cr. Hrs.

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