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University of the Punjab



The course endeavors to develop an understanding of the concept of diplomacy, its kinds and learning of negotiation techniques and strategies. Through its study, the students would acquire first hand knowledge and insight into the process and diplomatic methods. It also focuses upon analyzing diplomatic procedures as an integral part of diplomatic practices and diplomatic missions.


1. Evolution and development of diplomacy

2. Kinds of diplomacy and various methods of its implementation

a. Environmental diplomacy

b. Public diplomacy

3. Diplomacy since World War-II

4. Techniques of diplomacy and crisis management

5. The art of negotiations

a. Negotiation process

i. Preliminaries

ii. Substantives negotiations

b. Negotiation techniques

6. Diplomatic institutions

a. Consular immunities and privileges

b. Diplomatic missions: functions and organization

7. Diplomacy in Islam

Credit hours/ Marks:- 03 Cr. Hrs.

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