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BS (4-Year) Program Communication Studies (Morning / Self-Supporting Program)

The normal period for the completion of B.Sc program is four years. Ordinarily, it is completed in 8 semesters. This provides the students with a broad base of scholarship and learning with appropriate combination to suit their respective interest and aptitude. This also helps them in some way to plan accordingly before they enter the profession.
All those candidates who hold four years B.Sc degree in Communication Studies will be eligible to seek admission in any M.Phil program of Communication Studies.
Objectives & Scope:
To produce vision-oriented young media professionals and educators with a solid foundations in the filed of functional journalism, information technology and communication studies education.
To establish a permanent source of producing skillful nursery for M. Phil / M.S in Communication Studies, moreover they will be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow, as par with international standards.
The graduates of this program can work at national and international levels in both public and private sector. Their degree is at par with US bachelor’s degree in term of total credit hours. After completing this degree the students will be able to join any field of specialization like Radio / TV journalism, Public relations, Advertising, Development communication and Print Journalism. This program is the first of its kind in the public sector universities that integrates information technology with media.
Overview of the Program
The program will be completed in four years comprising of 8 semesters with a minimum of 136 credit hours.
Number of credit hours for taught courses range from 3 to 4. The internship will carry a total of 6 credit hours. The student will be evaluated on the basis of internship performance and internship report that will be submitted at the end of the internship program. The board of examiners consisting one external, Director ICS and the teacher in-charge of internship, will examine the internee. The board will be appointed by the In-charge / Director. Only satisfactory / unsatisfactory will be awarded for internship.
In the beginning of the 8th semester 2 projects or thesis will be assigned to the student in his/her area of interest. The deadline for the submission of the project/thesis will be Monday of the eighteenth week of 8th semester. The projects / thesis will be of 6 credit hours and will carry 200 marks. The project will be completed under supervision of the faculty member chosen by the student and approved by the Board of Studies. The project / thesis will be evaluated by two examiners (Internal and External appointed by BOS and viva voce will be conducted.
A student will have to complete 136 credit hours of coursework, write two comprehensive project reports/ thesis and undertake an intensive 2-month internship program.

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