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Diploma in International Trade Law (W.T.O) (Evening)

The regulation of international trade, the function of the World Trade Organization (W.T.O), in an age of globalization has become exceedingly important for countries like Pakistan. W.T.O regime, becoming progressively pervasive, offers on the one hand, enormous opportunities and, on the other, entails unprecedented hazards. Preparations to make the best use of opportunities and minimize threats have indeed become imperative for the economic growth and alleviation of poverty in developing countries. To make adequate and timely response to challenges emanating from W.T.O, there is an urgent need, among other things, to build capacity of various stakeholders including legislators, government functionaries, business entrepreneurs and executives, members of professions like; law, finance and accounting. The Diploma in International Trade (W.T.O) Law has been designed to equip such stakeholders with knowledge and skills needed for survival in the present era of a fast integrating world.



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