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University of the Punjab

Ph.D English

The Doctor of Philosophy in English at the Institute of English Studies is one of the oldest PhD English programmes offered anywhere in Pakistan, and stands second to none. Providing the researchers with an unrivalled academic experience, our PhD English programme is designed to include in-depth research training and original contribution in the selected field of study. The candidates are expected to have expertise in their areas of interest and come up with innovative research ideas, which either significantly add into the existing scholarship or bring forward debates of global concern.
With a vibrant faculty- a mix of experience and youth, the Institute launched a full-fledged Ph.D. programme in 2004. The Institute offers an array of choices in emerging interdisciplinary fields of research ranging among Cultural Studies, American Studies, Postcolonial Studies, Feminist Theory, and South-Asian Studies. Keeping in context the history of the Global South, of which Pakistan is a part, we are particularly fostering research pertaining to Pakistan’s geopolitical and cultural imagery; and in the recent past, have produced theses on Partition Literature, Chinese Literature, and Indigenous Poetics. However, we equally welcome research in European canonical and modern literature and offer a variegated assemblage of course work on European philosophical aesthetics, literary history, and critical theory. Altogether, our Ph.D. programme promotes diversity, indigeneity and eclecticism.

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