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B.S Hons Elementary (4 years) Program (Self Supporting)

The B.S Hons Elementary (4 years) degree program is being offered by the Department of Elementary Education.
National Education Policy of 2009 recommended to reform pre-service teacher education to improve the overall quality of education in Pakistan. A Rationalization Study was commissioned to review the current status of diverse institutional arrangements of teacher preparation in all the provinces and areas and to recommend a path toward a uniform system of standardized programs aligned with and responsive to the National Education Policy 2009.
Moreover, the programs were one step in the process of education reforms designed to lead to improvements in classroom teaching by preparing better qualified teachers.
The objectives of the programs are:
To familiarize the prospective teachers with the latest information and innovative ideas of modern teaching.
To equip the graduates with the techniques of classroom assessment.
To enable the graduates for leadership roles in the field of teaching and administration.
To inculcate good habits amongst the graduates.
To enable prospective teachers to use the latest technology in the teaching/learning process.
To provide the knowledge of technical writing and presentation skills through research projects, seminars and assignments.
To prepare confident and competent teachers through enhanced duration of practice of teaching in schools.
To equip prospective teachers with professional ethics and code of conduct resultantly to become a successful professional.
To inculcate the spirit and passion of teaching and learning.
The students, after BS Hons (4 year) and BS education (2 year), can serve the different departments of the country and outside the country for teaching, research and on administrative jobs/slots. They may serve the School Education Department as teachers, head teachers and education officers etc., at provincial and federal levels. They may join schools and colleges as subject specialist and lecturers. They may serve universities as teachers and research associates. They may serve in education corps of army and other departments of various forces. They may pursue M.Phil and Ph.D degree programs after completion of their degrees.

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