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Post-Graduate Diploma in Indian Studies

Post-Graduate Diploma in Indian Studies is new one-year (two semesters) academic programme of the Centre for South Asian Studies. It is being introduced for the benefit of University graduates, in service people and especially those preparing for various competitive examinations of the Federal and Provincial Public Service Commissions. It is also relevant for those interested in understanding the intricate dynamics of Indian Studies.
Diploma of Indian Studies will comprise of two semesters and 3 courses will be taught in each semester in which Class Room lectures are the principal method of instruction. Teaching of course is assigned to teachers who have developed an interest and high degree of competence in that field of study. Reading assignments will be regularly given and that will be a vital part of the programme of study. Opportunities for asking questions and for in depth discussion may be held during and after the classroom lectures. Medium of instruction for the programme will be English.
The Centre will also invite guest speakers to address the students on issues of their academic interest.
The Library of Centre for South Asian Studies has a sizeable collection of books, thesis and periodicals. All the incoming students are advised to get acquainted with the procedure of the Library.
All the students are expected to conduct their academic and non-academic affairs within the discipline and rules prescribed by the University and the Centre. The name of a student shall be dropped from the rolls of the Centre if he/she does not fulfill the attendance requirement as per semester rules of University of the Punjab, Lahore. A student shall cease to be a student as soon as his/her second semester examinations will be ended.
The Diploma in Indian Studies comprises of two semesters and three courses will be taught in each semester. There shall be two examinations for each course during each semester. These examinations shall be termed as mid semester (mid-term) and the final term.  The mid semester examination shall be held during 8th week of each semester.  The final examination is to be held at the end of the semester. (Marks: Mid-term 35%, home assignments 25%, Final examination 40%). In addition to these examinations, the teacher shall give home Assignments, term papers, quizzes etc. The result of a course will be submitted after one week of examination and result will be notified after two week of completion of examination. After the completion of Second semester Final Examination’s result notification, the Centre will send the complete results to the Controller of Examination, University of the Punjab, Lahore for result notification and issuance of Diploma Certificates.

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