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Post Doctorate Geography

The Department of Geography is offering Post Doctorate in the subject of Geography and allied disciplines. This Department has all the infrastructural and academic facilities to admit, accommodate and supervise Post Doctorate scholars. In addition to a qualified faculty member to supervise Postdocs, we have a separate research room for scholars, well-equipped Remote Sensing and GIS labs, and a seminar library with more than 13,000 books on various ramifications of Geography. The enrolled scholar shall complete 9 months to a one-year period of Postdoctoral stay at the Department. During his/her Postdoc stay, the scholar shall deliver one colloquium on the topic of his/her research project/proposal and then answer questions relating to it. In addition to this, the scholar shall be required to publish at least one paper in HEC refereed journal.
All those who are interested are advised to contact the Chairman of the Department for further information.