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Certificate in Communication Skills/ Spoken English

Effective communication is one of the keys to a successful career no matter what field you work in, and many different skills contribute to a professional’s capacity to communicate well. the objectives of this program are to help you improve the ability to:
Know the elements of credibility - how to gain it, and how to lose it.
Formulate an effective communication strategy for any message, in any medium, and in any situation.
Write & speak clearly, concisely, ocnsiderately and convincingly to create goodwill and ensure inclusivity.
Demonstrate the use of basic and advanced effective writing techniques that today’s technology demands, including anticipating audience reactions.
Create dynamic formal & Informal presentations, speeches and talks that are delivered with confidence and poise.
Communicate efficiently in a crisis and conflict scenario to ensure collaboration.
Develop team and interpersonal skills that contribute to effective and satisfying personal, social and professional relations.

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