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Minister for promotion of peace, brotherhood
Minister for promotion of peace, brotherhood

LAHORE: (Tuesday, February 19, 2019): Punjab Minister for Higher Education Raja Yasir Humayun has said that we should make agreement on all those things which are common in all religions to promote brotherhood and establish peace in the world. He was addressing the inaugural session of 2-day international conference on Maulana Jallal-ud-Din Rumi and Hazrat Sultan Bahu at Al Raazi Hall on Tuesday. The conference was jointly organized by Punjab University Department of Persian, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and The Muslim Institute. Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Niaz Ahmad Akhter, Iranian Counsel General Muhammad Raza Nazri, Director Khana-e-Farhang Iran Ali Akbar Razai Fard, Director Yunus Emre Turkish Culture Centre Lahore Olas Artas, Editor In Chief Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture Journal Sardar Ajaib Singh Chattha, Chairman Muslim Institute Sahabzada Sultan Ahmad, Dean Faculty of Oriental Learning Prof Dr Saleem Mazhar, Faculty members and a large number of students were present on the occasion.

Addressing the conference, Raja Yasir Humayun said that all the religions gave lesson of humanity and Sufis presented this message in an excellent manner. He said that there were similarities in the teachings of Maulana Rumi and Sultan Bahu and they taught us to eliminate ego and spread love. He said that if we understood their message, our social evils and personal imperfections would be removed. Therefore, he said, there was need to comprehend their message in true manner and act upon it. He said that we could become the best human being by following their teachings. He congratulated PU VC Prof Niaz Ahmad on establishing Baba Guru Nanak Chair. In his address, Prof Niaz Ahmad said that Islam and all other religions promoted peace and high moral values and we needed to act upon it.  He said that Hazrat Muhammad SAWW has said that he is the best Muslim who has high ethical values. He said that we must ignore others’ mistakes and adopt habit of forgiving others. He said that PU was playing role in promotion of linkages with other countries. Iranian Counsel General Muhammad Raza Nazri said that the teachings of Maulana Rumi had deeply influenced all the cultures of the world. He said that the rank of thoughts of Maulana Rumi was higher than any other thinker of the Sub-Continent and his teachings ruled the hearts of the people across the globe. He said that Allama Iqbal also got inspiration from the thoughts of Maulana Rumi. He said that a part of thoughts of Allama Iqbal had also influenced Irani scholars. He said that Iqbal had advised the Muslims not to look at the West but be united and depend on each other and Iran was following Iqbal’s this ideology. Olas Artas said that Maulana Rumi and Sultan Bahu had promoted tolerance in the society. Mr Sultan Ahmad said that the teachings of Maulana Rumi were relevant to today’s society even after 800 years. The conference would continue till Wednesday. Later, souvenirs were distributed among the participants.