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Pakistan Resolution Day and Cultural Day
Pakistan Resolution Day and Cultural Day

Institute of Administrative Sciences celebrated the Pakistan Resolution – 23rd March and cultural day at IAS on April 4, 2019 where students represented different provinces of the country. Students were dressed up in traditional provincial clothes and accessories to display various sub cultures in Pakistan. A ceremony was organized by Student Bunch Society of IAS where Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen addressed the audience and appreciated them whole heartedly on their initiative and interest for the event. While sharing her thoughts she shared the significance of distinct values of acceptance, peace, tolerance and respect in Pakistani culture and the way they have evolved over a period of time. She mentioned that the recognition of diversity on economic, political and social basis is very important for the inclusion of different genders, cultures and ethnicities at institutions as well as at family level for the progress of overall nation and the country.  The national culture of any country cascades down to sub-cultures and shades which are then distinctive to every organization, family and home. With this, the Director shared the relevance of culture of an institution and organization with the performance of people. She gave an important message to the students to develop conducive environment around them and to integrate diversity and acceptance for better outcomes in student life, real world organizations and personal arenas while respecting the Pakistan’s cultural values.
The program included recitation of holy verses, naat, national poems and speeches in the context of Pakistan resolution day and variety of Pakistani cultures. The ceremony was closed upon making a pledge that all of us will remain loyal and sincere to our dear Pakistan, respect the cultural values and leave no stone unturned to take Pakistan to new heights of excellence. Certificates were distributed among the organizers and the participants and a group photo was taken. Vote of thanks was given to the IAS faculty, staff, Student Bunch Society and particularly to the Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen, Mr. Muhammad Zahid, Ms. Rabeea Nawaz, Ms. Madiha Waheed, Ms. Sameen Zaki and Ms. Rifat Umbreen Afzal, followed by national anthem. Such events are always encouraged at the institute to build the character of students in a positive direction and to inculcate ownership and belongingness in them for their country and institutions that they belong to.