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Facilities & Resources

Institute of Administrative Sciences has an outstanding library providing state-of-the-art facilities to meet the academic and research requirements of its students and faculty. The Library offers a variety of resources and services to students. It has a collection of 30,000 general text books, 3,000 reference books and 4,000 books received as souvenirs. This collection of resources is continuously being updated as well as further added on with latest editions and new publications. It subscribes to 15 international research journals in print and electronic formats including the Administrative Science Quarterly, Public Administration Review, Organizational Dynamics, The Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, International Review of Administrative Sciences, Governance, Organization Science, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory and the British Journal of Management. Moreover, there are more than 30 local as well as foreign magazines and 9 newspapers. The library remains open from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm with an hours break from 4.00pm till 5.00pm. Guidance and reference services are provided to all the students and research scholars. The library is fully computerized in order to provide online search facilities and access to international databases. The library management also conducts information literary sessions on an on-going basis which educates students about professional writing standards, on usage and accessibility of HEC data bases Moreover, tutorials are also carried out on thesis and publication referencing soft wares.
Presently there are 28 hostels, 17 for male students and eleven separate hostels for female students. Allocation of male students is done on merit basis. Most of the students are accommodated in the hostels at the Quaid-e-Azam Campus. The residential accommodation in each of these hostels comprises of cubicles and three-seat dormitories. The accommodation facilities are a mere five-minute walk from the Institute. Good quality food is available in hostels as well as in surrounding eating facilities located on and off campus.
To meet the growing need of accommodation for female students another girls hostel is under construction. Each hostel is looked after by a Warden and a Superintendent, who are generally members of the academic faculty. Management of the hostels is coordinated by the Chairman Hall Council, who is a senior faculty member.
Computer Lab
The Institute has two state-of-the-art computer laboratories, which are equipped with ninety branded systems, flat panel LCDs, branded servers, printing, scanning and CD writing facilities along with high speed Wi-Fi internet for all students across the institute. The laboratory is fully furnished with excellent fixtures for convenience of the students. Lecture notes and other course material is stored on shared network drives and made available to all the students.
The University has a huge fleet of buses that provides transport facility to students, its employees and their children. These buses run on 41 routes within the city and a whole day quarter-hourly service between Allama Iqbal Campus and Quaid-i-Azam Campus. To meet the running cost of University buses a nominal amount is charged from different categories of students and employees. A university bus pass is issued to students which allow them to use this facility at a subsidized fare.
Class Rooms, Auditoriums & Examination Halls
Each class room at the Institute of Administrative Sciences is equipped with a multimedia projector, a sound system and air conditioning facility. The new classrooms are fitted with modern state-of-the-art furniture. Additionally, attractive as well as comfortable lecture theatres and multipurpose medium sized auditoriums are available for conducting workshops, debates, orientation programs and a wide variety of other activities. There are a number of rooms available to students for group work. Recently two more examination/multipurpose halls have been built to seat students during their assessments and to meet other entry-test requirements of the institute. These spacious and fully air-conditioned halls provide a comfortable and supportive environment for students during their final exams.
Relaxation and Meditation Area
The institute houses comfortable and homely common rooms, separate for male and female students. This is where they come and ease themselves especially during or after stressful examination hours or lengthy class schedules. It also has a prayer room for male students, while the females use the common rooms to offer their prayers.
Stationary and Photocopy shop
Students also have access to photocopy facility within the institute's premises. It also provides composing and printing services. This outlet also offers stationary material for sale to the students which meet their regular and timely stationary needs.
The Institute of Administrative Sciences has a full service cafeteria which serves nutritious food at subsidized rates. It has a rich menu ranging from small snacks to meals and fresh juices. It also offers a comfortable dining space.
placement@ias.edu.pk | cael@ias.edu.pk
The Institute of Administrative Sciences is committed to provide all possible assistance to its graduates in their efforts at finding employment. This is demonstrated by the existence of a full-time office providing career advisory for IAS students and graduates. The benefits of this assistance are reflected in the proportion of IAS graduates who are able to secure excellent positions with renowned public as well as private sector organizations.
The office staff is well-equipped and well-trained in providing career counseling and vocational guidance services and has undergone several trainings for that matter. Staff is available to respond to candidates' questions and concerns of all kinds. This includes advice on job hunting strategies & job market trends, hiring procedures, help in the preparation of applications and resumes, and guidance for interviews. Advice is based on current job market trends in order to ensure that our graduates have the updated information and skills necessary for an effective job search. To maintain faster communication with recent graduates and alumni of the institute, the office advertises the vacancies and maintains a link on social media that keep graduates connected with all the relevant opportunities available in the job market.
The Institute facilitates students in their internships as well as with their full time placement to jobs after completion of their degrees through regular career fairs, campus recruitment drives, employer meet-ups, professional development sessions and other consultancy services by the Office. The office also facilitates students in creating and taking entrepreneurial initiatives that may help them towards self-employment in the future. Along with academics, institute also encourages and utilizes the students' talent in various fields. Services offered by CAEL are as follows:
The office provides guidance & counseling services for the following concerns:
• Potential students seeking admission at IAS
• CV / Resume preparation
• Interviewing skills
• Course(s)/specialization selection & matching career paths
• Self-Development/Future goals orientation
• Job Hunting strategies & Job market trends
The office entertains all student body for referring them to various organizations for giving them an opportunity towards learning office practices and work ethics. They are referred for placement to internships and jobs.
The office maintains External Relations & Networks with Public, Private, Corporate, Civil and Non-Profit sectors. These linkages provide new avenues for conducting seminars, workshops, symposiums and conferences. Office also facilitates students to connect with industry professionals for various projects and assignments.
With a rich history of more than fifty years, the institute holds a large alumni body contributing at worthy organizations nationally and internationally. The office maintains a regular contact with Alumni of the Institute and maintains their database.
The office conducts & Facilitates for Professional Development Trainings, Seminars, Workshops and Institutional Events primarily, Career Fairs, Campus Recruitment Drives, Alumni Reunion events, Sports Gala, Youth Forum and like.
The office welcomes all the students for sharing new and productive ideas, entrepreneurial initiatives and to share their extra-curricular achievements. These are channelized into different in-house projects and are utilized for referring students to organizations where such special skills and talents are required.
For Instance:
• Social workers
• Volunteering for event management
• Graphic Designers
• Good Handwriting Skills/Calligraphy
• Painting
• Content writing
• Debaters
• Performing Arts/Hosting
• Sports
• Scholarship Holders
• Marketing experts/ Fundraisers
The Institute has a wide network of old students. Since 1962, thousands of students have graduated from the Institute. Majority of them have reached to top positions in various organizations. Placement contacts and opportunities are usually explored through the strong IAS alumni network. The office regularly maintains professional connections with the alumni.
IAS has a unique advantage. Graduates of our programs in Public Administration, Human Resource Management and Marketing and Health Administration are working at senior and influential positions in the different functions of multinationals, local corporate sector organizations and in public sector enterprises. They are thus a gateway for future students who can find real-world guidance and opportunities through them.
Scholarships & Financial Assistance
Institute of Administrative Sciences provides credence to the deserving and qualified students by assisting them financially to live up their dreams for achieving good quality higher education. The institute has launched many scholarship and financial assistance programs based on need and merit of students. The institute ensures the provision of these services on nondiscriminatory basis. A large number of IAS Alumni members contribute to these scholarships, trust, and funds. These are as follows:
I. Merit Scholarship
II. Needy Scholarship
III. HEC Need Based Scholarship
IV. PEEF Scholarship
V. Friends Education Fund
VI. Regional and District Scholarships
VII. Prof. Dr. Masood Aslam Scholarship
I. Merit Scholarship (Second year)
II. Financial Assistance (Student Welfare Fund)
III. HEC Need based Scholarship
IV. PEEF Scholarship
V. Dr. Afzal Education Trust

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