Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Vision, Mission Statement and Goals

Develop scientific, socio-cultural, economic and political leadership, through learner-centred teaching and research among the graduates in order to promote national cohesion and stability through providing quality education at par with international standards
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide quality education to ensure that our graduates are nurtured to be sensitive, tolerant, humane, and carry wisdom of knowledge, creative thinking and research skills for their holistic development. This will hone their potential for assuming leadership roles in diverse fields of the society.
Based on above vision and mission, the University will strive for achieveing the following aims and goals.
Improve quality and standard of education to conform to national and international standards
Provide access to higher education to the students at nominal expense
Equip students with implicit and explicit knowledge and develop critical thinking and applied research skills
Develop character and inculcate moral values as desired by the Pakistani society
Promote team-spirit, tolerance and peace among students for their holistic development
Develop leadership skills among graduates fortheir diverse roles in the society

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