Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Vision, Mission Statement and Goals

Punjab University intends to be a leading public university in providing affordable educational opportunities to develop scientific, socio-cultural, economic and political leadership, through learner-centred teaching and research, while strengthening our identity at National and International level.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide a holistic education as such an approach has a two fold benefit.
The first is that young people are nurtured to be sensitive, tolerant, humane and capable of thinking in a creative and critical way. The second is, that armed with a sense of history and equipped with knowledge and expertise, the graduates whom we send out into the world are in a better position to develop their leadership potential and make a positive contribution to public life. We hope that understanding as they do, their role in the wider community of human kind and responsible to it their action and attitudes will reflect their education.
• Improvement in quality and standard of education to conform the national / international needs
• Promotion of development-oriented applied research.
• Accountability in finances and academic programs.
• Character development with emphasis on morality and growth of maturity.

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