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University of the Punjab

Mr. Muhammad Akram

Research Officer cum Lecturer
Mr. Muhammad Akram

Mr. Muhammad Akram, after completing his M.Sc Chemistry (Organic Chemistry) from University of the Punjab Lahore in 2006, joined the Biopharmaceutical Lab, Centre for Applied Molecular Biology (CAMB) as a Research Officer in 2008. He worked on expression studies, fermentation and purification of different human recombinant proteins, optimization of reaction conditions for PEGylation of human recombinant proteins and purification of mono PEGylated proteins and quality control tests for recombinant proteins.
Then his services were transferred to DNA Core Facility CAMB where he processed thousands of commercial DNA sequencing and genotyping samples received from different universities and research institutes of Pakistan. He is working as a member of asthma genetics research group to find out the different genomic variants in development of asthma in Pakistani population. He is also involved in basic statistical analysis, LD & Haplotype Structure determination, and statistical analysis of genetic markers including microsatellite data, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data, and genetic association analysis of the data generated by DNA Core Facility research group using different bioinformatics tools. He has published six papers in national and international journals and has an impact factor of 5.1.

Designation:- Research Officer cum Lecturer