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University of the Punjab

Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin

Assistant Professor
Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin
Dr. Ambreen Salahuddin did her PhD in Gender Studies from the Institute of Social and Cultural Studies, University of the Punjab, Lahore. This is the first Pakistani PhD in Gender Studies. Before that, she did her MA in Philosophy and MA in History from the same institution. She has a flare for cross-disciplinary research. Her area of research in PhD was Gender and Literature. Title of her PhD thesis was "Women’s lives and images: Traditional Symbolism in Pakistani Fiction". Prior to joining the Department of Gender Studies at the University of the Punjab as assistant professor, Dr Ambreen Salahuddin taught for more than 15 years as university faculty at LCWU and UMT. She worked as acting chairperson of the Department of Gender Studies and briefly as acting CoD of Department of Sociology at UMT.
Writing is her forte. She is a poet, writer, translator and critic. She has seven published books. Her research articles are published regularly in recognized research journals. She has compiled the first comprehensive glossary of gender studies in Urdu, titled as Farhang e Sinfi Mutaleyaat (2018). Her book Feminism in Modern Urdu Poetesses (2005) published by West Pakistan Urdu Academy, is included in syllabus of Gender Studies at a couple of universities. She was awarded Ada Jafri Adabi Award (2020) for her second book of poetry Sadyon jaise pal (2014) published by Sang e Meel publications, SATHA Innovation Award (2018) for translation of Richard Dawkins’ ‘Magic of Reality’ as Haqeeqat ka jadu (2018) published by Urdu Science Board, and P.E.N. Best “First Book” Award (2005) for her first book of poetry Sar e Dasht e GumaaN (2004). She has also translated Mansha Yaad’s celebrated novel RaaheiN into English with the title ‘Crossroads’ (2022) published by Pakistan Academy of Letters. She has also translated Yu Hua's novel "Chronicle of a blood merchant" into Urdu titled as Khoon bechne wale ki sarguzasht, published by Sang e Meel Publications (2022).
Translation of her poem Behaya AurteiN as "Shameless women" is included in an anthology ‘Still we Sing”, which includes poetry on violence against women by South Asian women poets, edited by Sarita Jenamani (Austrian-based Indian poet), published by Dholi Books, India (January 2021). She was awarded Nai Nasl Award by Bazm e Sadaf International in a ceremony held in Doha, Qatar on 27th January 2023. This award is given to a poet/author who has contributed meaningfully in literature and is less than 50 years in age.
Apart from translating novels, shorts stories and poetry, she also translated selected essays for MULOSIGE’s Translation Work on Urdu Criticism for SOAS University of London. Her poetry, short stories and criticism is published in international and national literary magazines regularly.
Research areas of interest:
Gender and Literature
Feminist Theology
Theological Debates
Gender Identities
Women and Politics
Women Entrepreneurship
Women Vendors
Designation:- Assistant Professor