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small bullet What are the information needed for Degree/ Result Card/ Degree Verification?
What are the information needed for Degree/ Result Card/ Degree Verification?
The form consists of 4 Pages of Legal Size
Degree Issuance Form
Rs. 2,990/-
Result/ Degree Verification Form
Rs. 1,750/-
ALL ONLINE BRANCHES of Habib Bank Ltd and United Bank Ltd can receive Challan forms for subject fee (Most of the branches are online with few exceptions in remote areas).
NO Fee will be charged in case of applicant applying for original degree after 1 year of commencement of result.
If Applicant has to get the Degree/ Verification Certificate within 2 months, after the commencement of result, he/she has to get permission from controller office for the same.
DURATION for issuance of:
Original Degree is tentatively 2 Months after receipt of form.
Duplicate Degree is tentatively 1 Month days after receipt of form.
Verification Certificate is tentatively 15 days after receipt of form.
DMC is tentatively 1 Month after receipt of form.
For DUPLICATE DEGREE, candidate has to submit an Affidavit paper of Rs. 20/- attested by Oath Commissioner having the reason mentioned to applying for duplicate degree.
CANDIDATES FROM OTHER CITIES can send this form (with all requisite attested Documents) to the Degree Cell,Department of Examinations.  
Address of Degree Cell, Department of Examinations is:
Deputy Controller Certificates,
Admin Block, Quid-e-Azam Campus (New Campus),
Department of Examinations,
University of the Punjab,
P.O. Box No. 54590,

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