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Centre for Leadership and Decision Making

   Center for leadership and decision making (lead) is a teaching, training and research center established under the umbrella of University of the Punjab, where our goal is to educate and train people on highly marketable skills that can be learnt through scientific education and Training.
   Decision Making, leadership and many other skills such as, critical thinking, time management, emotional intelligence etc., are highly needed not only for individual’s success but also for an organizational success. Good news is that these skills can be learnt, just as other skills such as riding a bike…
   Leadership and Decision Making can be better explained and understood under the umbrella of psychology. For example, decision making is a high level cognitive process that is built on perception, memory and attention, and is uniquely identified by the element of choice (choosing one among the given alternatives) which again is influenced by cognitive processes such as recognition, judgment, feedback and learning. Similarly, the area of leadership is largely influence by organizational psychology, emphasizing the contingencies that regulate the relations between leaders and followers. Psychology explains and helps in understanding how leaders develop capabilities and interact with people and inspire them to follow? Terms such as schemata, knowledge structures, abilities, personality, traits, behaviors, emotional reactions, intensions, beliefs, characteristics, and most importantly underlying cognitive mechanisms such as self- awareness, self-control, adaptive response, expectations, calibration, and reflection etc. all helps in understanding what makes a successful leader.

Brochure for the Center for Leadership and Decision Making

Vision, Mission Statement and Goals