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Advance (Post Graduate) Diploma in Organizational Psychology

Program Overview:
To goal of this advanced/post graduate diploma in Organizational psychology is to acquire a basic understanding of Psychology as a science at workplace. The program enables students to explore facets of organizational psychology and aims at providing comprehensive framework on the use of psychological principles, theories and techniques at the workplace/ in organizations. The program is for passionate students as well as employees/managers who seek to understand psychology and workplace relationship, want to find answers to daily challenges faced at work, and are advocates of healthy and efficient workplace. Students would be able to explore and learn about areas like organizational psychology, testing and assessment at workplace for hiring decisions, wellbeing and health etc. By end of this course, students will be able to further their career in organizational psychology, with the tools that the diploma will provide such as better understanding of the theoretical background to psychology at work, construction, administration and interpretation of psychological tests and assessment procedures.



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