Estb. 1882

University of the Punjab

Important Information regarding Examinations Schedule for foreign students

The University of the Punjab has been conducting Examinations for Pakistanis living abroad. They are dealt as foreign candidates. Information regarding examination schedule is as under for foreign students:
1. Examinations will be conducted in abroad twice in a year as per local practice i.e Annual as Supplementary.
2. Annual Examination will be conducted about one month after the commencement of such examination in Pakistan.Similarly Supplementary Examinations in abroad will be conducted after one month of local examination.
3. Rules Regarding Abroad Candidates
4. Current Examination Schedules for all candidates living abroad all over the world.
5. Email Addresses for Correspondence
6. Download Forms
7. Every Application (Admission Form etc.) by a candidate living abroad will be entertained only after duly attested by the Embassy of Pakistan in the respective Country
8. Application for an Examination will be considered only if it reaches this University at least three months before the commencement of local examination.
9. Examinations Fees Structure for Foreign Students