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PU organizes Seerat Conference
PU organizes Seerat Conference

LAHORE: (Thursday, October 26, 2023): Punjab University Administrative and Technical Staff Association has organized Siratul Nabi Conference and Mahfil Hamd & Naat at Faisal Auditorium. PU Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Khalid Mahmood, President of Ulama and Mashaykh Rabta Council Mian Maqsood Ahmed, Pir Khawaja Moinuddin Koreija, Registrar Dr. Ahmed Islam, President of Staff Association Chaudhry Basharat Mahmood, a large number of teachers and employees participated. Addressing the conference, PU VC Prof Dr. Khalid Mahmud Kahn said that the month of Rabiul Awwal comes in our lives every year and we celebrate it with great devotion and respect. He said that Muslims should benefit from the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAWW in every field of life. He said that Hazrat Muhammad SAWW laid the foundation of human rights and endured hardships. He said that the teachings of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW should be used to solve the economic problems of Pakistan. Mian Maqsood said that the economic conditions of the country required that economic reforms should be introduced in the light of the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW). Pir Khwaja Moinuddin Korija in his address highlighted various economic aspects of the life of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. Speaking on this occasion, Chaudhry Basharat Mehmood said that every Muslim loves Hazrat Muhammad SAWW more than anything else in the world. He said that the purpose of holding the conference was to highlight various aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad SAWW so that we can solve our economic problems in the light of his teachings.